March 11, 2010

LinkedIn Discussion Forum

LinkedIn features the Art Therapy Alliance. There, many interesting discussions occur. I moderate an interest group on Art Therapy & Older Adults with Neurodegenerative Disorders. Typcially, I post information related to Neuroscience as well. Here is a description of the interest group:

The Art Therapy Alliance group: Art Therapy & Older Adults with Neurogenerative Disorders will provide a forum for the open exchange of ideas, therapeutic protocols, articles, resources, news, info, etc relating to the older adult population. Anyone interested in or currently working with older adults using art therapy is welcome to join in discussions or post questions. The manager of this group, Amanda Alders is currently pursuing a PhD, specializing in Art Therapy at FSU in Tallahassee, FL and will be adding and responding to discussions every other Friday.

Older adults are considered a “vulnerable” population with specific needs and a wide range of behavioral tendencies. Collaboration among therapists may very well serve to provide a strong footing for providing high quality care to a rapidly growing segment of the world population. For this reason, by participating in group discussions, therapists will be able to share insight into the approaches that they find most effective and person centered. This group will encourage discussions on culturally diverse segments of the elderly population as well as theories associated with neuroplasticity, learning, motivation, and creativity.


neuroplasticity, older adults, person centered, learning, motivation, creativity, elderly, art therapists, vulnerable, open forum, effective, protocols, cultural diversity.


NeuroArts said...

Brain Research For Art Education, Art Therapy & Artists

The Neuro-Arts Education website is devoted to exploration of the relationship between mind, brain, and the arts. Both research and artworks in the area of neuro-arts have grown during the first decade of the 21st century. Now more than any time in the past, knowledge of the brain and the ability to visualize its functions, during art production and comprehension, is yielding new areas for artistic understanding and expression. This neuroscience is rich for art education, art therapy, and studio arts.

We welcome artists and researchers alike to participate in this growing body of images and information. You are invited to submit articles, websites and images relevant to the neuro- arts movement.

Of particular importance, to Neuro-Arts Education is how this information can be applied to assist students in educational settings involving visual art, music, drama, and dance. Application of Neuro- Arts Education principles will have significant impact on education in the future, as we gain further understanding of the relationships between brain, art, and learning. The fields of arts education and art therapy, have begun and, will continue to benefit from explorations in neuro- arts by art educators, art therapists, brain researchers, and artists.

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