July 11, 2010

Question: Art - State vs. Trait

Recently a question was sent to me which relates to neuroscience and art therapy:

"I have been painting for nearly 20 years. In the last 10 years, I have noticed a peculiar phenomenon. A couple of minutes, after I start painting, I have emergent thoughts which come to the surface of my attention every 10-15 minutes. These thoughts are whole concepts and attempt to make some determining statement about what I perceive in the world. All of the thoughts... occur to me as I am painting and I simply write them down as I go along. So my question is: how could we explain this neurologically? I know, a tough one, but I have been looking for answers for years and I'm fascinated by the process. Thanks.

my thoughts: http://www.tomartist.com/pages/my-thoughts.php "

My response to this question was:
"Thanks for the links!! After reading your question and visiting your websites, I would suggest that you read information on brain wave states. Alpha/delta/theta etc."

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