May 11, 2007

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"The Wisdom Paradox" by Elkhonon Goldberg, (2005)

"In Search of Memory" by Eric Kandel (2006)

"Art Therapy and Clinical Neuroscience" by Noah Hass-Cohen and Richard Carr, (2008)

"The Brain That Changes Itself" by Norman Doidge, MD, (2007)

 "The Mindful Brain"  by Daniel J Siegel (2007)

"The Neuropsychology of Art" by Dahlia Zaidel

Dr. Alan Schore: "Affect Regulation and the Regulation of the Self" and "Affect Dysregulation and the Repair of the Self" (2003).

"Art, Science, and Art Therapy" by Francis Kaplan
Diamond (2000) Older brains and new connections. San Luis Obispo, CA: Davidson Publications.

Yanker, B (2000, March). A century of cognitive decline. Nature. 404,125.

The Neuroscience of Human Relationships by Louis Cozolino.

Affect Regulation and the Development of Psychopathology by Susan J Bradley


Evelyn Virshup, Betty Edwards, Micheal Hutchison, Dr. Paul D. MacLean, Dr. Suzanne Langer,

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Sara said...

I have been enjoying your blog!
Thank you for the reading recommendations - I will definitely be checking some of them out.

I recently ordered the book: My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey, by Jill Bolte Taylor. Have you read it?

It is about a brain scientist who has a severe stroke, losing all functioning in the left side of her brain for years. As a result the right side of her brain becomes highly activated. The book explores the transformations that she experiences as a result.