September 11, 2007

Thesis: Neuroscience and Art Therapy

Recent Graduates,

If you did your thesis on a topic related to art therapy and neuroscience, why not post your reference page here? One option is to paste the reference section of your thesis into a file:

And then just add the link into a comment box. Be sure to include your name and e-mail. Future students will love you for it! They may want to thank you later.

My thesis will be on studying the creative arts as a modality to enhance cognitive functioning in the well elderly. My reference page will be up in a few months.

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Christine said...

Although my thesis was not specifically on a neuroscience topic, one of its findings relates to neuroscience, and forms a hypothesis that will need to be confirmed by further research. I did a heuristic, retrospective study of my own artwork and how it helped me to heal from childhood trauma. I looked at what specific ways my artwork was helpful, and I discovered that I combined loose, expressive media with tight, controlled media in all of the artworks selected for the study. My hypothesis is that loose media stimulates the emotional centers of the brain, while tight media stimulates the cognitive, verbal centers of the brain, and that combining the two types of media in the same artwork may stimulate a synthesis of those two brain centers, similar to the brain synthesis that has been found to result from successful psychotherapy for PTSD.

The full text of my thesis can be found on my Art Therapy Squidoo Lens:

Scroll down to the section "Information About Me" to find the link. The specific finding is described on pages 72 & 73 of the thesis text.